Sell Your House With a Lease Option

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  • Need to sell your house fast, but don’t qualify for a cash offer?
  • Looking for a monthly cash flow?
  • Want someone else to make repairs?

A lease option would allow you to sell using creative financing, but with little risk and much reward. You become an investor, getting a monthly cashflow while someone else assumes the property maintenance costs.

Ekwity Investments LLC wants to buy your home with a lease option for a short time period. We specialize in lease options, so you know that you are in good hands. Even better – we buy houses with lease options in every state in America, and Washington D.C.

If you wish to sell your house to us using a lease/option, use the quick form to the right! In many cases, you can get full asking price! Want to speak with someone instead? Call 888-519-3721. There is no obligation regardless of how you contact us.

In many cases, as quickly as 48 hours. Sometimes sooner. It all depends on various factors, including but not limited to the location of the property.
We are an investment company. When we get a lease option, we place a qualified renter into the home for a profit. We handle the "landlord" issues, maintenance such as lawn care, and make minor improvements to the home. You collect a guaranteed monthly check!
Not at all. We often qualify our renters on whether they are able to maintain the property and work on it for a small discount in rent or not. If not and we still rent to them, we take care of cosmetic repairs.
This can range and is negotiable. We often require a minimum of 3 years in our lease/option agreements. We usually don't go further than 7 years, unless the circumstances require it.

Learn more about selling us your home. Read the FSBO Quick Sell Guide!

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