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Fast Cash Offer. We buy houses nationwide. You can be SOLD in under 24 hours. No obligation, so speak with us today!You are here looking for a fast cash offer, and you can get one by simply filling out the form on this page, or calling us and speaking with our experts.

We are not a huge faceless corporation, but a personable investment firm. We are knowledgeable in many facets of the real estate industry, and some houses can qualify for multiple fast cash offers. When other cash home buyers were unable to help you sell your house for cash, we buy houses that they couldn’t.

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Fast Cash Offer for Foreclosure notice

Behind on payments, behind on taxes, notice of default, preforeclosure

We buy houses where the homeowner is in distress, fast for cash. If your home is about to be foreclosed on because of mortgage or tax payments, we can move quickly with an offer in under 24 hours, and a closing possibly as fast as just 3 days. Your credit can be saved when we pay cash for your house and stop foreclosure now.

Fast Cash Offer for Divorce

Even the best of us face the worst of times. That’s why we want to make your divorce and equity liquidation a stress-free process. You were ordered by the court to sell your house fast and split the proceeds. You can receive a cash offer for your home in just hours. We want to help you get quickly on the road to recovery, so that you may rebuild your life.

Fast Cash Offer for Bad tenants

Generating a cash flow with income properties is not always what it seems to be. There are a lot of negative responsibilities that come with the opportunity. One such possibility is a bad tenant that fails to pay rent on time, and sometimes not at all. Other times, the tenant may draw a lot of attention to your home with unruly guests or police calls. Bad tenants can be detrimental to your income, and are definitely a liability. We buy homes with bad tenants, and want to make you a cash home offer on it within hours. We will take over the property management and evict the tenant. We will even repair the damage that they’ve done.

Fast Cash Offer for Probate and inherited house

A loved one may have passed recently, and left you a house in the will. Are you going through probate right now, or have you already been through the process? We can help you either way. Our experience is heavily in inheritances and probate homes. Transform that vacant home liability into cash, and don’t worry about maintenance or code violations. Sell it right now, as-is.

Fast Cash Offer for Out of state owner

It can be tough to manage property when you are out of state. It can even be hard to manage when you are hours away within the same state. If you are an absentee owner looking to rid yourself of the hard to manage property, we are able to assist. We’ve purchased properties from out of state owners more than once, and look forward to offering you the same opportunity. Simply get in touch!

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Even if your situation isn’t listed here, you can still receive an offer today. Simply fill out the quick form right here on this page or give us a call toll-free at (888)-519-3721 and speak with us.

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You shouldn’t have to hold onto equity that you don’t need or want. We are prepared to purchase homes across the nation. We’ve worked with single family, multi-unit, commercial properties, land, mobile homes, and mobile home parks. Each deal is unique, so don’t delay to fill out this simple form!

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