How to Turn Equity Into Monthly Income and Profit

How to Turn Equity Into Monthly Income and Profit

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Imagine this if you will. You are sitting on this property that you inherited, or paid off and moved out of. It’s just sitting there, and it seems like nobody is giving you a fair offer that you feel isn’t an insult. What’s a homeowner to do? Everyone knows that an empty property is an alligator. It’s costing you big bucks in the form of yearly taxes, and monthly insurance, but it’s not producing an income to offset those costs.

You do have options…

Have you considered creative financing? There are investors out there who only deal in real estate deals that utilize creative financing. Even better, many of them will give you FULL ASKING PRICE for your equity! So let’s have a look at how this process works, and demystify it so you can start making a profit from your real estate.

You have a great option called, “contract for deed”. This is a method of selling your property so that the buyer is responsible for the yearly taxes, as well as a monthly homeowners insurance policy, despite not controlling the deed. As the seller using this method, you keep the deed until the contract is fully satisfied. This method eliminates the costs of owning the property, puts cash in your pocket every month, and allows you to evict the buyer as if they were simply a rental tenant should they break the contract in any way.

As an added bonus, your deal can and usually will include an interest fee for the privilege of the buyer having a seller financed contract. Often, this is at traditional lender rates or possibly higher. You not only get your full asking price, but earn thousands in interest alone!

There are ways of finding buyers to buy on contract. The easiest one though, is to submit your property on our form, because we also love to buy properties on contract!

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