Earn Interest and Cash Flow in Galesburg, Monmouth, and Knoxville Illinois

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Ekwity Investments is currently in the market for houses and multi family properties in Galesburg, Monmouth, and Knoxville Illinois. We will buy your property at full asking price is most cases, on contract.

We pay an attractive interest rate, and have various options for terms to make the deal a win/win for both the seller, and Ekwity Investments.

Why work with us?

  • We have over 15 years experience in the real estate investment space.
  • Our knowledge began with creative financing, and we know how to structure win/win terms.
  • We are reliable as a contract or lease option purchaser, so you know the monthly check will be there.

Want to know more or schedule a meeting with us? Call 888-519-3721. We are local to Galesburg, and can make the time to meet up with you. If you would rather, you can submit your property on the form =====>

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