Just How Fast Are We When Buying Houses?

Just How Fast Are We When Buying Houses?

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Water DamageYou may be wondering how fast we can be when buying your house. Well, let’s give some examples. We have had deals that went from offer to escrow within 24 hours or less.

As soon as we get a property under contract, we push it to our vast and massive network of cash buyers. They may be landlords, or flippers. In some cases, they end up being the retail buyer that wants to live in the home. Regardless, they will all have access to the offer very quickly.

In many cases, we have been able to create a buyer frenzy, resulting in multiple cash investors competing to get your home, rental property, commercial real estate, or land. The possibility is that this can happen for you as well.

You may be looking at your disaster house as something which is impossible to get rid of, but that is the kind of properties we really love to get under contract. We can care less if your home has been the victim of water or fire damage. We don’t care if you have terrible tenants, or if the grass is 10 feet tall. It doesn’t even matter if the property has been condemned. We want to make you an offer. We can only do that if you tell us about it.

If you are facing a foreclosure sale, we can help with that as well. Taxes? Mortgage? Doesn’t matter! Our cash buyers can work fast. You do not have to get a foreclosure on your credit!

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