Las Vegas’ Foreclosure Crisis Equals Competitive Market That Actually Hurts Sellers

Las Vegas’ Foreclosure Crisis Equals Competitive Market That Actually Hurts Sellers

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Highest Cash Offer for Your Las Vegas HomeI was going through the latest in real estate news and happened across an article discussing Las Vegas being a victim of a subprime foreclosure epidemic. The article claimed that Las Vegas, NV remains in the top 5 cities for high foreclosure rates. I am not going to take any sides on this data…but merely make an observation on what it would mean if that were actually the case.

Any seller is going to be looking for the highest cash offer. That’s natural. Las Vegas however, is getting flooded with lowball cash offers. Of course, it is only good business for an investor to make a profit. The problem arises when they fail to reach win/win scenarios between the seller and the buyer for an ethical transaction. Vegas is a major competitive market for wholesalers and flippers alike, which makes deals harder to come by than in other cities or rural areas. During the scouting process, a seller would be flooded with phone calls, texts, and emails by potential “buyers” and hardly any of them will be the highest cash offer.

Ekwity Investments is prepared to make such an offer, and often-times, include additional offers depending on the situation of the seller. It’s as simple as filling out that form over there… or calling the toll-free number at (888) 519-3721. We will give you the highest cash offer of the competition in most cases. We can also help you with “taking over payments” (subject 2), leasing, and seller financing options. You have stumbled upon a one-stop shop!

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