Let Us Take Over Your Mortgage Payments

Let Us Take Over Your Mortgage Payments

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Mortgage-calculatorWhen you’ve given up on trying to sell your home with a realtor. You’re tired of waiting months, while your house sits on the MLS, gathering dust, and you just want to stop paying the mortgage.

We will take over your payments NOW! We specialize in the real estate purchase known as “Subject To” or Sub2. This is a method in which the purchase is subject to your existing financing.

In some cases, the deed changes hands, and we simply take over the payment responsibilities. In other cases, the subject to terms are mixed with a contract for deed, in which you get to keep the deed until the terms of the agreement are fully satisfied.

Regardless of the method we use for your particular case, we end up taking over your monthly mortgage payments and it becomes our responsibility. If you no longer wish to make payments on your real estate property, fill out the form and let us begin the “NO-OBLIGATION” process now!

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