Why a Lease With Option Is the Safest Way to Sell Your House Fast

Why a Lease With Option Is the Safest Way to Sell Your House Fast

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Lease option can be your solution

A lease option can be your saving grace when selling your home. Not only do you get immediate cash flow, but you have a buyer in place when the time comes.

You are ready to sell your home, but you aren’t sure the best way to do so. Well, the method of selling is determined by your immediate needs. If you do not need 100% equity in cash immediately, then the safest bet is a lease option. You have the most control with this method. How? Because you have the power of a landlord. But the fact that you can evict your buyer if they get behind on payments isn’t even the best part. The best part is the extra cash you collect out of the deal.

Lease OptionWith the way a lease/option works, you get monthly payments, but those payments do not go towards equity. It is simply cash-flow. Only at the end of the term if the tenant decides to execute their option do you get paid for your actual equity. The cash-flow payments you have been receiving are additional payments on top of the purchase price.

Why use a lease w/option to sell?

You have more buyers available. Ekwity Investments specializes in lease/options, and putting tenants into your property. When you sell to us using a lease option, we do all of the work in putting a tenant to rent the home.WE are your buyer, and WE make the monthly payments to you. Not just anyone walks into your <b>vacant home</b> either. We only get paid when we collect a fee from the tenant, ensuring that they have skin in the game and that the deposit will protect YOUR cash-flow.

The real question is, “why NOT use a lease option to sell?”

A tenant (and Ekwity Investments) can maintain the property, and you have drastically reduced your risk by maintaining your equity. Your home is an investment, so you should be collecting on that investment. If you want to sell your house FAST, reach out to us with the form on this page, and we will get you a lease option offer right away!

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