Cash Home Buyers in Las Vegas Looking for Fixer Uppers

Cash Home Buyers in Las Vegas Looking for Fixer Uppers

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We are cash home buyers in Las Vegas, looking to make some fast cash offers today. Our inventory always has room for properties to fix and flip, and we’d love to talk to you about your home for sale in Vegas. If you have an off-market property that you need to unload fast for cash, give us a call at 888-519-3721 or fill out the form on this page for a no-obligation offer. We would love to give you the best cash offer on your as-is property.

Water Damage is O.K.

Whether you have a small patch of moldy drywall, or your home was under water after the pipes burst, we would love a chance to take a look and make a fast cash offer. Water damage can be a health hazard, and mold can travel through the air during demolition. Why risk your health, or that of your family? Sell it fast for cash instead!

Fire Damage is Alright

Sometimes a home is salvaged when a fire is put out quickly. Other times, it would render a home uninhabitable. Worse…What if your homeowners insurance didn’t cover the cost to rebuild? We have plenty of experience with fire damaged houses, and want to rehab yours. Give us a call!

Vandalized Property

It never fails. You leave a home vacant long enough, and vandals will invade your house. They can destroy walls with sledge hammers, spray paint over everything, destroy plumbing and electrical systems, and steal copper. Don’t let a vandalized house get you down. We may have a fast cash offer for you.

Bad Tenants in Las Vegas, NV

You got a vacant house and decided to turn it into an income property. Your renters turned into bad tenants that never pay their rent on time, if at all. Evictions can be lengthy, and sometimes costly. Even worse is that bad tenants can become vandals, destroying your rental property. Let us take care of the collection, eviction, and whatever else is needed to turn the property into an updated home with a wonderful family residing there.

Inherited House & Probate

Are you in probate? Have you inherited a house but want cash instead? Give us a call or fill out the fast form. We have purchased inherited homes and houses in probate, so you know the experience is there. Your inheritance can actually be a liability, running up holding costs. It can also sit vacant, and attract city code violations. We can help!

Foreclosure Notice

If you received a foreclosure notice, notice of default (NOD), lis pendens, or preforeclosure letter in the mail, we can stop it in its tracks. Better yet, by giving you a fast cash offer on your property that is behind on mortgage payments, the sale will save your credit score. Don’t wait for the last minute. We can help you now.

Taxes in Arrears

Are you behind on property taxes? Your house can be foreclosed on and sold at auction. But what if a Las Vegas Nevada cash home buyer were to take it off your hands fast for cash instead? The gavel will never drop, and you will not have a tax issue destroying your credit or your life. You can get some cash for your equity instead of losing everything.

Is it another situation?

We have experience with divorce, out of state owner, condemned property, bad neighborhood, bad neighbors, little to no equity, retiring landlord, just need cash, and many others. Why don’t you speak with us RISK-FREE at 888-519-3721?

Learn more about selling us your home. Read the FSBO Quick Sell Guide!

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