Dallas, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Los Angeles – Is It REALLY a Seller’s Market?

Dallas, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Los Angeles – Is It REALLY a Seller’s Market?

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Often I see egocentric investors bragging about how they are killing it in a seller’s market such as Dallas Fort Worth, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, or San Francisco. But is it truly a seller’s market out there? Sure, some of these areas have home prices that boggle the mind, and make investors wonder when the next bubble will pop and put these guys in their place. But the idea of a buyer’s or seller’s market is an outdated, or perhaps ill-labeled topic in the first place.

Sell my house fast Vegas, Dallas, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Fort WorthAn an investor and wholesaler on the national level, I source leads from homeowners looking to sell. Some are seeking retail, and hoping that we will be their saving grace when their agent could not be. Others are truly motivated to sell fast, and just want to walk away – with cash, or without. Some just want out of the monthly payments. Regardless of their situation however, they share the same traits. They are all coming from these “seller’s markets” just as any other motivated seller in depressed markets across the country.

There are motivated sellers who state, “I need to sell my house fast“, and they do this on a daily basis. They simply don’t know how to go about it, and many times, their Realtor failed them. They cannot afford to step into another lengthy contract and hope that the multiple listing service will pluck them out of a time crunch. At that point, they either give up and allow a foreclosure to take place because they don’t know what to do, or they reach out to companies like mine, and look for real solutions to their problem. The great thing that I get to explain to them is that there are options for ugly houses and pretty houses in any single market. Often, they just have to be brought down to a realistic level of expectation.

Sell my house fast…or slow?

Of course, not everyone will be so open minded. Many homeowners are convinced that they deserve a certain equity. Surely, they have that right to seek it out. What gets me though, are the ones that are facing an imminent foreclosure and received a Lis Pendens in the mail, also known as a notice of default or NOD. At that point, there is a serious risk to their credit, as a foreclosure will show up on their report for years to come. The same thing goes with back taxes. Then there are the out of state owners that are fighting bad tenants, or having property maintenance issues causing them to receive code violation notices and citations. These things can be costly, and turn a dream of real estate investing into a nightmare. Waiting until the last minute is risky at best.

In any market, a motivated seller can receive a fast cash offer, seller financing, or lease option offers. They can also receive offers to take over payments in order to reduce their expenses and stop worrying about property management. It’s as easy as filling out the form on this page or calling 888-519-3721.

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