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Ekwity Investments is the largest Miami cash home buyers in Florida. We live for real estate in Miami, and enjoy speaking with Florida’s amazing homeowners.

The great thing about our company is that we do not charge fees, and there are no real estate commissions of any kind (we are investors). We will buy your house as-is, so there are no repairs for you to make. If you went with an agent instead, you could see offers asking you to pay for repairs. But why should you, if you are not going to live in the home? Let us take care of that burden, and you can be paid cash for your house.

Sell my house fast in Miami FL

How fast, you may be wondering? We aim to get offers out in 24 hours or less in most cases. Often times, we can close in as little as 3 days. Each property and situation is different, but we want to reduce your stress as quickly as possible. We work fast to put cash in your pocket, and take over the property management issues.

  • Are you tired of dealing with bad tenants? Not an issue. We have dealt with them in the past, and would love to handle it again.
  • Are you an out of state owner? You are probably used to seeing code violation notices by now, or having a hard time dealing with contractors when issues come up. Let us take on that problem.
  • Are you facing a divorce? Been through it, and understand the dilemma. You must sell fast so you can part ways with 50% each. We can make that happen for you.
  • Have you received a foreclosure notice (Lis Pendens, Notice of Default, NOD)? We can stop that process in its tracks by paying off the past due amount, and taking over. We can buy the property outright for cash, or take over payments, all depending on your situation and what is best for you.
  • Do you owe property taxes? If you get behind on property taxes, they will auction off your house. We can catch you up and take over.
  • Did you inherit a house? We specialize in purchasing inherited houses, and giving the new owners the cash that they want instead.

Call 888-519-3721 for a fast cash offer, no obligation, no fees, no repair costs.

Miami cash home buyers

We are Miami cash home buyers looking for properties to invest in, and we would love to purchase yours.

Let us give you an offer you can’t refuse. We buy houses in Miami that is in any condition, and any area. Water and fire damage are nothing to worry about.

We love ugly houses as well as pretty houses, and have offers for multiple situations. We are experts at creativity, and known to get the job done when others could not.

We will look at homes that are cheap (under $50,000) and more expensive homes in the multi-million dollar range. We pay cash for homes throughout Miami, and even nationwide. To get started, you can either call us toll free at 888-519-3721 or fill out the quick and easy form right here on this page. A friendly and personable expert will gather information about your home, and your situation, and come up with the best possible offers to get you fast cash. What are you waiting for? You are under no obligation to accept an offer from us!

Learn more about selling us your home. Read the FSBO Quick Sell Guide!

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