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Sometimes life can be a little tricky, and the inevitable happens. A letter comes in the mail notifying you of a pending foreclosure due to your falling behind on payments. The process the bank is going through is Lis Pendens, and is a preforeclosure of your home. Unless you can get caught up soon, it will go to foreclosure.

Once a property is foreclosed on, you have essentially lost it for good. The negative event ends up on your credit report for years, and will cost you various credit opportunities or another chance to buy a home when your finances are in order.

Our company specializes in stopping the foreclosure in its tracks by buying your house with cash, FAST! We will ensure that your home doesn’t end up as a permanent foreclosure on your credit report. You can walk away with dignity, and cash in your pocket in most cases.

If you do not have much equity, we can still help you with a foreclosure (preforeclosure or Lis Pendens). You simply need to fill out the quick form for a no-obligation offer!

Whether you want fast cash, or to have us take over payments, we will get you our highest possible offer on your house or multi-unit.

We have years of real estate investing experience, and we have no need for banks or traditional financing. Our goal is to give you a fast CASH OFFER, so that you can get to close quickly.

We will make a fast cash offer on your house in foreclosure (Lis Pendens) or preforeclosure. No obligation!

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