Selling a Below Market Property Fast

Selling a Below Market Property Fast

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You have found this page because you were searching for how to sell a below market property fast. Our company buys below market properties in as-is condition, and we take care of closing costs.

The question is:

  • How much below market is your property?
  • Are you willing to consider “subject to” offers, or do you need to cash out?

You have a couple of options with us. If you have a property you want to unload for 50-80% below market, it would be perfect for a fast cash offer from us. We work with properties that don’t meet that criteria as well, but that is our target number.

When a property reaches the % target of 50-80 below market, our cash investors swarm around it like hungry sharks. Often, this leads to a closing in record time.

There is another option. We can take over your mortgage payments by using a subject to existing financing offer. This will ensure that you get a fast close, while getting quick relief from your mortgage payments. In many cases, you can even walk away with some cash in your pocket this way as well.

No matter what, you should fill out the simple form on this page, or call us at 888-519-3721 so we can get you that fast offer.

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