Soon to Be President Plays Trump Card on Washington DC Market

Soon to Be President Plays Trump Card on Washington DC Market

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Washington DC Cash Home BuyersHistorically, Presidential elections have not impacted the Washington DC real estate market. This time will likely be different. This is a game changing event for real estate, and that extends throughout D.C. This is not just because President-Elect Trump is a real estate mogul. It’s because real estate listing prices may climb due to a change in demographics.

Many Democrat residents are likely to flee to somewhere they feel more welcome, while those leaning Republican are heading into the area. Under the current administration, real estate has gotten complicated and took a downturn due to the homeowner killing Dodd-Frank Act. This will most likely be undone for the most part under a Trump administration, restoring some enthusiasm in the investing industry.

On January 20th, 2017, all eyes will be on Washington – and they won’t be just watching Capitol Hill. Real estate in the District of Columbia will be the headliner. Already a crowded market, more nationwide investors and wholesalers will be trying to get their thin slice of the pie in the area. The growth results in a huge demand, and a lower amount of rehab or buy/hold opportunities for each individual firm.

If you are a homeowner, you may be wondering how this will affect you. If you find yourself with a distressed home in need of repairs, or in a financial situation such as foreclosure or lis pendens, then you can get the highest cash offer in the industry. You may also find that fast cash offer by calling (888)-519-3721 and speaking with Washington DC cash home buyers and expert investors.

P.S. – This effect may trickle into Baltimore Maryland.

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